Monday, February 9, 2009


Tan-awan is the road cliff overlooking the town of Bulusan. From there you could see as far as Balite to the south and Tawog to the North and the magnificent Pacific Ocean. From this point you could also see the San Bernardino Island or Parola, Biri and Main Island of Samar.

Cities in Samar got their cell sites first before Bulusan could have one. People have frequented the site since they could catch a strong signal for their mobile phones. For almost a year they envied Samar and the place has a lot of visitors almost all day until the SMART Philippines constructed one. That left the site abandonned again. But though, the place is astonishingly similar to Daraga cliff overlooking the city of Legazpi and Municipality of Daraga. No matter what, Tan-awan is still a pride to all people of Bulusan that they should cherish.